Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I need blinders - Garden distractions

I need blinders just like these horses have so that I can make a straight shot when I go outside. I start out for something and then get distracted by all the plants unfurling around me. Soon I am down on my hands and knees looking at nature's intricate beauties.

Look at the dewdrops on our ladies mantle leaves. It's a wonder any of these are clear because once I get down on my knees the cat starts biting my toe (for fun, mind you) or licking my fingers.

These dew diamonds are little miracles. All these hidden jewels to be discovered today. Did you know that dew will not form if it's windy? The moisture in the air will be fog instead. Nature is amazing.

The silver mound is so ferny you just have to run your hand over it and tussel it a bit.

The peonies are loaded with buds and the ants are rushing around snacking on the sap.

Look at the texture of the leaves and stems of the rhododendren.

I round the bend and the flowering quince wakes you up with it's splash of red and a jolt of sunshine. This ornamental shrub is about the size of an outdoor building. The bright light reminds me why I went outside again. I went out to check on the lambs and to take a short break from painting. It also reminds me to adding weeding to my list of things to do.
I'm loving the paintings I'm working on! Check back.

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