Friday, December 12, 2014

Squirrel Bank Tellers


Just the word conjures up fluffy creatures that jump around,

rarely slow, but always fast paced from branch to branch.

At least here in Maryland. They are about as busy as ants!

The branches bow to the squirrels when they leap through the air 

onto them like the branch is saying, "You're welcome,"

and then tossing them back up in the air.

It's a jungle gym out there in the woods. 

In town toothy squirrels scold the cats, dogs and 

even birds down on the sidewalks.

So I was wondering do you feed the squirrels during the winter months?

Like most people feed the birds?

Our neighbors put out salt blocks and apples for the deer and it keeps 

them coming back for more.  If someone put out salted caramel apples

for me I would keep coming back too. That is a given. 

We have four chestnut trees and the squirrels get more than we 

do every year. To pick the chestnuts you need some major insulation

on your hands. The outer part is like picking up sea urchins. 

Meanwhile the squirrels who have the daintest paws ever and can

only carry one heavy chestnut at a time to their secret hideaway 

still manage to get more than we do.

So here is the real news.......

I am writing and illustrating a children's book

Illustration has worked it's way back to the very tip top 

of my creative endeavors. 

Stay tuned and in the meanwhile I'll be feeding the squirrels.  


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cooking with Lavender - Daily Painting


Just saying the word evokes images.

Have you ever heard anyone call it Rabbit Tobacco?

Okay. So deer don't fancy it, but we all think it's a fine dining ingredient.

Lavender and honey, lavender and lemon, lavender and lavender and lavender....

You get the idea. In the winter months we tend to become passionate about these things.

Maybe you are even sipping on Lavender Tea as you read this.

When I was a young girl I asked my Mother if she could paint my bedroom lavender.

She obliged and I thought she was the coolest Mom and I the coolest kid. 

This was before we even had any lavender plants in our landscape.

Now I have both lavender and rabbits outside!

The lavender we planted and the rabbits just came to visit, hop about and nibble.

I'm enjoying my daily painting time.

It's refreshing and it gets the idea machine pumping.

Watercolor and brushes equal Love.

A small size 2.5 by 3.5 inch print offered here.   
Signed and titled on the back by myself
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Simplicity in Art


 This is what draws me to illustration and watercolors.

Less is more.

Recently I read this quote

"Any fool can make something complicated.

It takes a genius to make it simple." 

Woodie Guthrie.

I'm excited to have a little time to paint,

hoping to get back to the daily painter status. 

Looking forward to Christmas as well on this 

blustery, first day of December. 

 I will soon be another year wiser. 

Another year getting 'simpler.

As Martha Stewart says,

"This is a good thing."

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