Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cooking with Lavender - Daily Painting


Just saying the word evokes images.

Have you ever heard anyone call it Rabbit Tobacco?

Okay. So deer don't fancy it, but we all think it's a fine dining ingredient.

Lavender and honey, lavender and lemon, lavender and lavender and lavender....

You get the idea. In the winter months we tend to become passionate about these things.

Maybe you are even sipping on Lavender Tea as you read this.

When I was a young girl I asked my Mother if she could paint my bedroom lavender.

She obliged and I thought she was the coolest Mom and I the coolest kid. 

This was before we even had any lavender plants in our landscape.

Now I have both lavender and rabbits outside!

The lavender we planted and the rabbits just came to visit, hop about and nibble.

I'm enjoying my daily painting time.

It's refreshing and it gets the idea machine pumping.

Watercolor and brushes equal Love.

A small size 2.5 by 3.5 inch print offered here.   
Signed and titled on the back by myself
$5.00 and that includes shipping. 

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