Friday, April 16, 2010

Heirloom Tomatoes- Name Game

Would you like a pink ping pong tomato plant? One of the things I love about heirloom tomatoes is their names. Another great one, "Banana Legs". I want these why?...because of their names alone!

Beef has alot to do with naming tomatoes even though tomatoes still are vegetables when I last checked:
Park's Beefy Boy
Park's Whopper

Then there is the plum connection:
Black Plum
Beaverlodge Plum
Lemon Plum

The empty sections-- already sold out heirloom tomatoes:
Great White

It's amusing shopping for tomatoes. Most people were very serious bent over looking at the plants and names and I was laughing outloud. Who could think it would be so fun buying tomatoes?

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DSS said...

We are going to be shopping for tomatoes soon! The boyfriend wants one of those contraptions that hangs upside down from the roof and "supposedly" produces fabulous tomatoes.

We shall see :)