Friday, April 16, 2010

Cupcakes Outsider Art Paintings

Humor is part of an illustrator's job. Sly humor is the best road to run. Mix in a little imagination and color, stir well and pour out onto the canvas... no weight gain involved in these cupcakes...I'm finishing my Alice in Wonderland cupcakes and I hope you'll fall in love with them like I have. (I promise not to be jealous if you do.)

The cheshire cat and the madhatter titter totter on a flattened cupcake wrapper balanced on another rolled up cupcake wrapper. (There is no end what these cupcake folks think to do with these wrappers.) Since the madhatter has more frosted (frosting) hair than the cat he's on the edge...figuratively and literally.

About the colors---I am into recycling brown paper bags so I love the neutral background color for that reason. It's a crafty color. The blue grey is from one of our siamese cats. These cupcakes are similar to my other alice in wonderland paintings, but differ in shape! Fun round shapes and yet still very handsome.
Up for sale.


Ellie said...

Really cute! How fun; Did you see the movie? I haven't yet, had good intentions, but it didn't happen.
I will stay a while and visit...
Thanks for visiting me~

Candylei said...

I do want to yes, but I haven't yet.