Thursday, March 18, 2010

Snow White, Rapunzel and Cinderella Fairytale Daily Painting

Spring with it's warm freshness is visiting and in my mind as I painted this with a light and airy feel. I held back on most all of my black, but a little. When I went outside to check on the sheep this morning the deer ran across the field, the birds sang, Canada geese flew overhead, and I thought, "It's a lovely day!" Soon the geese will be making nests by the creek. Fawns will be hiding by the creek, too, in dappled light. I felt like a woodland princess even though I had on a big down jacket, rubber boots and my hair was a bit of a mess! We girls are all a princess at heart.

Colors are soft and play off against the smokey, blue-green background. I put in a pinch of the color red to catch your attention, Snow White holds a red heart instead of an apple and has the tiniest red bows in her hair. You might notice our fluffy white, westie dog made it into the painting, too, by my signature sitting on Cinderella's foot.

This original painting is for sale one ebay.

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Marja said...

Oh what a wonderful paintings You are a great artist. Thanks for visiting me. I am working a lot at the moment so no time for blogging but I hope to get back to it at one stage