Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Westie Dog in Alice in Wonderland Movie

Yes, our westie has dreams. Last night he had a dream that he was in the Alice and Wonderland Movie. (Mr. Tim Burton did you cut all his scenes?) In this dream everyone including Alice and White Rabbit were applauding him for his acting (he is good at drama) skills. I painted this to show what our westie boy described. These three make an adorable team.

As for the colors...why do they usually have Alice in blue? It must have been a very popular color when this book was written. I really like pink on Alice and we'll let westie wear the blue and white. White rabbit wears carrot colors...orange and green. He would look good in any color.

This bit of whimsy is for sale on ebay and I have one print on etsy. Stay tuned for future dreams.

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Shelley Whiting said...

Wow I love this. It's very sweet and whimsical. Also incredibly adorable.