Sunday, March 21, 2010

Peony Seedlings Grown Outdoors

While walking along the side of our house in the grass I noticed some miniature burgundy red leaves splashed here and there in the green gass along the borders. I let these single pink peonies go to seed in the summer and then come looking for the seedlings early spring. I do collect some seeds, too, but, they are still in a package unplanted. Nature does a fabulous job sprouting your seeds all by itself while we keep warm inside.

I had to go back to the shed and get a shovel to collect the "gold" that I had found. Go deep about 5-inches under the seedlings. The seedlings are only about 2-inches tall now. I premixed some plastic pots (recycled) with compost and loamy soil and sat the whole shovelful on top adding more soil around the edges. These little seedlings don't like to sit in water so I just drizzled a little on sparingly to settle the soil.
You might remember that I mentioned about dreaming of having fields of peonies. Dreams do not fall in your lap. You have to work toward them and I am at least 20 plants closer to that dream.

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