Sunday, January 10, 2010

Valentine's Day Cupid Mexican Folk Art

Gardening is on my mind more and more these days as the seed and plant catalogs are avalanched to our door by the postman. Then Valentine's day has such a romantic pull to it. All you need is love...and a rascal cat. I added a cat mouse toy with little red hearts on it plus the hugs and kisses on Frida's blouse. Topiary heart plants and love. And they are evergreen which means love lasts through all seasons. No one can miss all of the symbols of love I reckon. Fun ones at that.

But better yet Frida is Cupid and with the help of her black cat she is going to plant lots of seeds of love in everyone's hearts. I think the colors show that Frida is very serious about being Cupid. Link to Painting.



The French Bear said...

Hi Candylei, I was looking at your girls and reading your posts, what about a gardening doll? I love that you are a gardner, and a painter!!!
Margaret B

Jess said...

Well hello - I found your blog while browsing around for inspiration for a stuffed cat...and might I say - I AM IN LOVE with your style...not to mention that "flightless bird" is my favorite song... :)

reall - love your style, your paintings are beautiful, unique and full of life!


Candylei said...

Yes, Margaret that would be super.

And Jess, welcome to my blog and thank you for your sweet comment! Stop by hear flightless bird..:-)

Terry said...

Howdy Candylei
I love your art !
This is fantastic.
Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment ,it gave me the chance to come and visit you.
Look forward to visiting again soon .
Happy Trails