Saturday, January 9, 2010

Love is Heart Cupcakes- Daily painting Valentines

Our cat used to have the midnight crazies and now it just wants to steal our whipped confections. Thus came about this 5 x 10-inch painting titled "Heart Stealer." Don't let the cute heart glasses fool you. Kitty is cute though. Kitty only has eyes for cupcakes...paws are going to make them hers. The bluebirds wait for the crumbs.

I seem to zig zag back and forth from day to day from soft colors to bright, rich saturated colors. I tried to add a few light notes to the rich ones...such as the light pink dress and the light green shirt. I do love the rich red, orange and pink color combinations in the garden and in art on canvas. Even textiles. Think merrimekko.

Up for sale on ebay.


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