Saturday, January 9, 2010

Boy Meets Girl and they Fall in Love

I think you could find many different verbs to describe all the emotions of falling in love. And they are all opposites of each other! Worried-Happy, etc. etc. etc......Think roller coaster. That describes this sweet painting titled "Lovesick". They give each other Valentines cards and here they got each other the very same card! She's amused and he hasn't even noticed yet as he's worried if she'll like the card. He is from New York City...dressed in all black.

Little chihuahua wears his heart sweater looking for love.

As for can see I went back to my light mossy green. I think it makes a soft background color. I look at out walls and they are all the same colors, but the shadows fall and with the lightshades make about 10 different colors in the room...except they all come from the same color. I try to remember when I paint that nothing is going to be the same flat color! Light affects all areas.

I am trying to make some small paintings that have a hint of valentines in them. Up for sale on ebay now.


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