Thursday, January 7, 2010

DECORATING Valentine Cupcakes Art Frida Kahlo

Today is cupcake day. This morning I sketched out how I wanted to decorate my Frida and Diego cupcakes and instead of going to the kitchen I started "stirring and cooking" on canvas. Less messy, but not as tasty.

I consciously painted this one in all warm colors. Do they have blue valentine hearts? I know they do have blue cupcake wrappers. The colors were radiant I thought. Just like bold pop art. Then I experimented with some staining (something I have never used til today)...and wow it took it down quite a few notches in boldness and gave it a rather primitive, grungy feel. I used a fine art pencil to write in the letters and words on the valentine heart mouths.

Cupcake Sweethearts is up for sale on ebay.

Now to finish decorating the real cupcakes!


The French Bear said...

Hi Candylei, your paintings are lovely, very colourful and happy!!! I really like the ones you made of your Mr. Salty, so cute!
Margaret B

Candylei said...

Welcome and thank you for stopping in. Our westie keeps us running at times.