Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Primitive Frida Kahlo Self Portrait Dolls Painting

Triple vision right after double vision. This is a new painting I did today of our favorite folk artist Frida Kahlo. I wanted rich, warm saturated colors. Something that had a hint of valentine in, but nice to display all year long. Also I wanted them to hold something that Frida loved to add symbolism.

At first I was going to have it all warm colors--this is where an artist starts to make intelligent changes while painting--but I didn't want an all green parrot because I had already wanted a warm green for the background. So he is a little blue and a little green and I then I went back and added some blue to the ribbon of the first Frida. Even contrast. Harmony.

A little bit (very small amount) of cool colors can set off a rich, juicy painting and make it look even more lush. Normally your eye always goes to red in a painting, but in this case since everything is warm colors your eye goes to the tiny cool colors! Where did your eye look first when you glanced at this painting?

This one is titled appropriately, "ME, MYSELF, AND I." It is up for you on ebay now. Stay tuned for more original art!


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