Monday, January 11, 2010

What is paperclay or paper clay made of?

Paperclay is a brand name for a clay that is used in many primitive style dolls for the shaped heads, arms, and feet. Many animals, dragons, mini dollhouse items, and jewelry are made from this clay. It is all natural, biodegradable, and non toxic. If you're like me you turn the package upside down and all around to find out exactly what are the ingredients? Okay non-toxic but what?

The answer: volcanic ash, talc, water, starch, wood pulp and preservative. That is rather unusal, but neat. My package said it was made in Japan and I purchased it at Michaels here in Maryland after stopping at a Michaels in Virginia where it was sold out!

Paperclay's website has craft ideas and a short video from martha stewart on their website. Paperclay.

I am having a bit of fun with some now and will post the results soon. It's always fun to try something new and this is new for me. It is already a dream to work with.


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