Wednesday, April 18, 2012

White Flower Hedgerows

White flowers are cheery even on cloudy, drizzle days like today. Hedgerows here have a wide collection of shrubs and trees. So I just picked three, white field notes. Then I divided those up to put in small white milk vases...but first they had to go on the burlap for their portrait. The dogwood is obvious and now for the other two I will tell you shortly. The one looks like a viburnam. It is a tree about 15 feet tall and some varities grow to 30 feet. I need to be on a first name basis with these pretty things. The leaves are as gorgeous as the flowers. Here is a list of recommended viburnums here.

It's time to shear sheep. There will be lots of white wool around to wash and tie.

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June said...

One of my favorite viburnums is the snowball bush. I love how it looks just like a white hydrangea. Your photos are so lovely.
sending hugs...