Monday, April 23, 2012

Goldcrest Foxglove Digitalis Orange Perennial

A beautiful discovery for me is this bright gold-orange-perennial foxglove. How would this look with burgundy roses? Or white roses? The name of this one is Goldcrest. We can thank David Tristram of England for breeding it. It's really stunning.  More about David Tristram here.

I love how the leaves are more refined and a little grey green. They are not hairy at all.

My tomato plants are still inside and I am so glad now that they are. Last night there was snow on the hills here! It feels so cold after all of the hot weather we enjoyed and on the west coast they are having 81 in Oregon.  We bundled up today at 38 and rain! The second reason I am glad the tomatoes were tucked away is because two sweet Canada Geese dropped in for a visit and they made a dash through the grass to get to the tilled soil and walked all around looking for sprouts. I've never been thankful for weeds as I was today as I left some around the base of the roses and it kept my campanula sprouts hidden! Thank you weeds for keeping my green babies safe. Canada geese are really elegant though. They don't waddle like ducks. Their necks are curved when they walk like a swan... well at least when they are power walking.

One thing was crossed off my to do list this weekend. Hostas were divided in one bed and relocated. So you see the rain for the last 3 days is just what they need not to get burned. They have such tropical looking leaves in mass and you don't have to dig them up like semi tropicals. Whew! They deliver green all summer!  I would never sniff my nose and say they are too common.

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I think posting is harder, especially in HTML. What are your thoughts?

Love the foxgloves. SO pretty!

I think hostas are pretty. They are a staple in Southern gardens.


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Beautiful colour!
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