Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Field Notes of Flowers

This spring I am going to keep track of what's blooming, where it's blooming, and when exactly.
Our lilac bushes were not loaded with blooms like last year. Culprit is deer! It's definitely not the bushes as they are green and lush. I like to think of each blossom as a tiny goblet raised up to cheer on Spring. Cheers!

All of the mustard along the roads are like one long waving ribbon! I think they are delicate and pretty.

I would love to do needlework but there is not enough free time for that right now. The next best thing is to put my field flowers on burlap. It's pretty. Simple. I can look at them the rest of the year.

Has everyone else noticed that there are hardly any honey bees out there? The hornets and bumble bees are out, but the last few years the honeybees are a rare thing. I believe it is more than some disease. I'm certain it's all of the pesticides and herbicides. It makes me want to become a beekeeper.

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Hi!!! Beautiful flowers!!!
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