Saturday, November 5, 2011

Furniture turned to Chalkboard

Today was a beautiful fall day and also it was the open house at the Old Lucketts Store and the Design House in Leesburg, Virginia. Since I love chalkboards these two hutches caught my eye. This first one the cupboard doors were removed and the inside back walls painted with a black chalkboard paint. It's a huge hutch probably from an old country store but if you have a hutch and the doors are beyond repair --this is a super idea. Plus you never have to guess what's in it you can tell from a glance.

Miss Mustard Seed's room had this sweet as can be cabinet painted with chalk paint and comes with sayings and drawings. You could have lots of fun with this one. It was great to see her refinished furniture that we have been reading about on her blog. Her new visions for refinishing are playlful. It's motivating, to say the least, when you get to see other do-it-yourself folk's work. A shot in the arm! There were lots of people there enjoying every floor of searched out treasures. I took lots of pictures but will put them in another post soon! Anyone else using chalk paint? Too many hands to count.

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Lorraine Young Pottery said...

That is really fun! I can totally see myself with a cupboard like that and drawing on it for fun, then just wipe off.

:-} Now you got me thinking.