Monday, November 7, 2011

Shabby White Furniture and Linens

To walk into these bedrooms in the Beekeepers Cottage is like being awake in a good dream. You can linger in the light as cloud rooms.

The linens, cottons, and burlap are touchable and ready for you to purchase. Tempting and beautiful and they would fit right into my dream cottage. How I loved everything there.

The backs of these steps have the prettiest rose paper or linoleum on them. Unfortunately the stairwell was not for sale. Wouldn't you feel like a princess going up and down the staircase? It would remind you to smell the roses.

This pillowcase with the triple rows of lace were gorgeous.

All of the furniture has been refinished to white or gray. Oh la la! My husband is afraid that our bedroom might be this full one day.

This decorative pillow is so cute. It looks like rows of opened bias tape stitched into flower shapes. One side of the tape had a metallic sheen to it which would really sparkle in candlelight.

The folks at the Beekeepers cottage are full of creativity! This is a different stairwell in the old farmhouse with a mosaic all along the wall. Do you see the silver spoon and beads? The broken ceramic dolls and lids? Whimsical! I had the biggest smile on my face the whole time I was there. When you first enter the rooms are sparkling with jewelry but I edged by the crowd for the furniture and linens.


white life© said...

There I would like to spend a few hours and get inspired from A-Z. Thanks for sharing these images and your comment!

Enjoy the day

Carole said...

These ladies show their creativity in every corner. It's such a treat to find a place that encompasses everything you love.

ps see you're a gardener by the seed and plant list on your sidebar....which reminds me I'll late in ordering my hoo.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I love this wall. I am getting caught-up on your blog, Candylei. I am loving all the vintage whites and pretty grays. Boy, have I had a challenging two weeks! I am happy to be sitting in front of the fire and reading my favorite blogs. Life is good!

Enjoy your weekend!
Ricki Jill

Kristina said...

I love white! it's make my room so elegant and peace as its features. And above pieces are showing the same thoughts of mine. That's why I often prefer white furniture to have its elegance and peace.