Thursday, November 3, 2011

Faded Tonal Shabby Chic Colors

Brown, beige and creams are such soothing colors. They are also shabby chic to me. Your accents don't have to be the sweet kiss of candy pink to be shabby. Colors of the prairie. Aren't these two above nice companions? Both brown and beige which makes a happy marriage. Johnson Brothers brown transfer ware china is, man enough for men, and lady enough for women even though it's not pink.

Ballard Designs sells some wonderful fabrics and the one on my wish list is this linen stripe above! Isn't it a classic? You can always add colors for the holidays for the color lover in us. I am working on keeping neutral colors. I have to keep editing.

These faded hydrangea flowers are beige brown and a hint of pink. This is branching out a bit on the color chart, but keeping with the same base colors and adding hints of other colors. Totally awesome combination and especially against the old barn that is almost a mirror to those same colors. My bucket is a bit too blue for me. (Hopefully you don't get vertigo from looking at this picture.)

Other news here. Some folks in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia had their power off for 4 days from our little snow storm. Here in Maryland there were also several small areas without power for 3 and 4 days! It was neat to see all of the electrical trucks from other states and power companies in their own parades going down the highways. Thank you! Thank you! I know some came from Kentucky. (I would not know how to hook up a computer to a generator. ;-/ nor would I attempt it.)

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Becky Shander said...

What a pretty picture of the hydrangea, and I especially like the worn fence background.