Sunday, March 27, 2011

Checked out of Hospital

Luckily my Dad got out of the hospital, not moved to a rehab facility, and is home. I gladly committed to being here night and day until he regains strength and can be back to his independent self. He is so happy to be home. Who would want to look out onto a gravel roof all day at the hospital?

When you have to stay in bed for weeks it really zaps your strength and it takes a bit of time to rebound especially when you are older. All of the physical and occupational therapists come here which is wonderful!

Right now I am looking out over the green fields at some Canada geese. When we came home from the hospital nine deer ran across the hillside jumping and kicking. A pleasant reception to be sure.

We are itching to get gardening again! The above photo is from the Green Animals Topiary Gardens in Rhode Island. (My husband checked out lots of beautiful books for my dad to look at.) One book says this is a camel and another says it is an elephant! Maybe it was originally an elephant that they let grow into a camel? It is formed from California privet which grows fast and is fairly cheap unlike yew. So we don't have any excuses for not growing topiary shaped animals.


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I wish your father well as he recovers. You are such a dedicated daughter!

Ricki Jill

PS I vote camel for sure!

Rowena... said...

Glad to hear that your dad is back at home, and wish him a happy recovery. We've begun our garden "dance" as I like to put it because it puts a spring in my step to be outdoors working the soil!