Monday, October 25, 2010

Romantic White Interiors

Yesterday I struck gold as I drove to the airport and back. It's the only time we pass these wonderful shabby antique stores at Lucketts, Virgina. On the weekends it's a traffic jam with people from the city driving out to gather up car loads of goodies. This was my first time inside the shop since the time I stopped before it was closed. Once you walk inside of the Beekeepers Shop you will never forget it. It's a wonderful all-white world.

Look at the floor, it's so chippy white and fits in perfect. I mean my mouth might have been open in wonder the whole time. I sometimes think all white might be too bland, but not so here!

She has the most darling things. Look at these sparkly crowns!

Another great decorating tip they use is to place smaller tables on top of larger tables for more display area. Great idea if you have a booth at any festival or even in your studio.

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Lucketts sounds so fun. I've read about it. Thanks for sharing the neat photos.

All the best,

Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Hi Candylei! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. It's so nice to "meet" fellow junkers and bloggers. I only wish some of us weren't so far away from each other! It would be so much fun to hang out and shop here!

PS Just in case there's an item you would be interested in, let me know and I can ship it to you if you want to purchase.

Have a super blessed week!