Friday, October 22, 2010

Sushi Girl Mixed Media Folk Art

We've eaten sushi twice in the last few days and it was delicious. Last night after salmon and avocado rolls I came home and with my recylced paper made this 5 x 7 altered art painting. (I painted her as full as I felt.)

Around here we have quite a few sushi bars and they are all doing well, none have had to close down due to lack of business. Do you like the wasabi sauce? I do because it heats it up a few notches and clears up anything that is wrong with your head. The thin ginger is tangy too for a treat.

Up for sale on ebay now.


GRAÇA said...

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I really enjoyed of your things.
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Ronrons the kitty

Carmella Ella said...

I like this one! I love sushi. We just found a great place here in Auckland like back in Hawaii! Yay!