Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Primitive Doll Clothes and Brown Transferware

I found three small collector dolls for 1.32 each at a thrift shop. They make wonderful styling props. The very first thing I did was take off their hats, their coats, their dresses right down to their whites. Doesn't she look beautiful, cool and carefree? It's hard looking at dolls bundled up in coats in 100 degree weather.

She helps hold a brown transferware teacup for me to photograph. So helpful. This tea cup is from the Royal Staffordshire group.

A little pinch of red for spice. Ruby slippers or red mary janes? Just cute!

I also found another metal plate from England. Vintage. I gave it a white wash with paint and love the change it gives the plate. It looks so peaceful, calm and shabby. The gentleman is buying flowers for his love. He seems to be having a hard time letting go of the money. Just kidding.

Happy White Wednesday. Be sure to go to Faded Charm Cottagefor all of the lovely White Wednesday posts and blog party.


clustres said...

Looks great with the transferware!

A Cottage Muse said...

I agree...looks wonderful!! Thank you for visiting!! I see them on Etsy and Ebay all the time!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet vintage doll, and I LOVE your brown and white transferware!
~ Jo :)

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Those are some great finds...your doll looks so cute holding the cup for you.

Julie Marie said...

Hi Candylei... thanks for visiting me tonight! I do hope you will join our barn chicks posts, they are alot of fun, and I love seeing all of the barns and countryside everywhere! Your blog is lovely and your paintings are wonderful... xoxo Julie Marie

Kelly said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I was so excited to see this post, because at a fleamarket this past weekend, I also got a transferware plate and some collectors dolls. The other dolls I collect and sew for are a bit different -- you can see them on my site -- but I'm starting to really like the older, bisque dolls too.

Thank you again and I'm looking forward to visiting your blog often!

Candylei said...

Thank you!