Monday, May 3, 2010

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival Yarns and Fibers

Saturday afternoon I did get over to the Sheep and Wool Festival...everything there was eye candy if you love sheep, llamas, angora goats, angora rabbits, fibers and yarns galore! This shawl and sweater caught my eye. Aren't they beautiful? Made from wool. The one on the vintage looking, but it's brand new.

These yarn colors I just oohed and aahed over. I did buy one crochet scarf pattern. The exciting part is that some of these vendors also sell online and some on etsy! I have more pictures and will get them posted soon. When we left my head was spinning with ideas and wanting to learn new techniques.

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Jen said...

A friend of mine attends this every year and sometimes calls me as she's walking through it. Sounds like so much fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for sharing your photos!