Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Queen Cupcake Alice and Wonderland Painting

Cupcakes rule when they are Queen Alice and Wonderland cupcakes. Here the queen has her maid serve her red hot heart cookies. Her majesty has taken her cupcake wrapper and made it into a red Queenly crown. Her maid sets the silver tray on an impromtu cupcake tablecloth. So creative this maid is to be one step ahead of the Queen. But she is taller and must kneel when the Queen is turned her way. This continual exercise keeps the maid the Queen of Pilates.

About the colors that I chose for this painting. Black and white for both the queen and the maid. So very Coco Chanel styled cupcakes :-)!

Check back for more cupcake characters and their creativity in recycling cupcake wrappers.

For sale.


The French Bear said...

Candylei, your paintings are so full of color and life and they always bring me a smile!!! Hope all is well at your house, and everyone is back on track!!!
Margaret B

linda said...

Beautiful artwork! I loved your Crescendoh post as well...thanks for sharing. I also love your Westie aren't ... they are the cutest! :)

Candylei said...

We love westies here. <3