Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baby Donkey Folk Art Daily Painting


If you've seen a baby donkey you've seen something worthwhile! When I was young I remember begging my dad to adopt one. The request fell flat. They are just too cute and I still feel that way today.

I've painted Frida Kahlo as a tiny girl who has been given a baby donkey. Frida stands in cowboy-cowgirl boots and is going to show baby donkey the prettiest patch of flowers. I think they are going to get along great! Kitty has not been convinced yet, but will be won over shortly.

This painting has some play of patterns and colors, but the emphasis is meant to be on Frida and the baby donkey. All of the other details are fun things to explore.

Available for sale.


Anonymous said...

Painting is beautiful! I love donkey's, they are so cute and your painting really is special!


gail said...

Hi:) I love your are. The Westies are just adorable!
Happy Creating, gail

Candylei said...

Thank you Julie. Baby donkeys with their fluff of hair on top are adorable!