Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival part 2

For one hundred twenty five dollars you could have purchased one of these angora kids/goats. Aren't they adorable and look at their fleece. Or if you want something smaller ...

The cutest angora bunnies were one hundred twenty five dollars each as well. French Angora rabbits with papers. The lady holding them purchased one and my son was a little jealous.

These yarns looks like dreads, but look at the colors. Forget about crocheting the scarf I could just put the yarn around my neck and it's an instant accessory without stressing over directions.

This yarn was so delicate...every inch there was a dainty circle..just like some crocheted a circle flower. How they spin it to look like this I don't know but I'll find out soon. Kelly of Kiparoo Farms is not that far away and has a studio she sells her patterns and yarns from. I want to go there!

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