Sunday, April 11, 2010

Frida Kahlo's Secret Garden Folk Art

We gardened all day Saturday so when I came in I was still gardening on canvas. Here is Frida's Secret Garden where she can always find her friends...look at all of the little birds lined up for their turn in Frida's hand. There are so many benefits when you have a garden. Birds bring you the best seeds from other people's gardens! We all look for little surprise plants in our flower gardens every spring. Little gifts of love they had left for us to find <3.

Frida's Secret garden is on a large 24-inches tall and 8-inches wide canvas. Lots of brushstroke details and the colors are magical and bright. To see more pictures click here where it is listed for sale.

Did anyone else outdo themselves gardening on Saturday?


Anonymous said...

Love this garden painting so much! All your art is wonderful.

Candylei said...

Miss Julie you are painting wonderful things, too! Thank you for stopping by to visit!