Friday, April 9, 2010

Island Surf Hula Girl Cat Original Cupcake Art

Another great cupcake cutie on the island shores. This hula girl wears her cupcake wrapper so appropriately as a hula skirt. Now we all know what to do with the green cupcake wrappers. If only they fit!

Do you see the cat lounging there so comfortably? That is how our siamese cat spends most of her day on the chair...half sitting half lying down and that is not a half truth. That is exactly her.

Also can you see the tradewinds in the sky on the left? They keep everyone cool and comfortable and bring the wonderful scent of the flowers around the islands in a circle of fragrance. Mmmm.

I ventured out into a few background colors on this one because it's the weekend. Who can stay calm and cool and collected on the weekends?

For sale on ebay.

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