Saturday, December 12, 2009

Young Frida Kahlo Having Tea Painting

The joys of having tea with friends! And what are the rules again? The no-no's are do not curl your pinkie finger up and out. It curls back to your palm along with your ring finger. Pointer and middle finger hold the handle and thumb on top of handle.
Look at Mr. Crow he is an expert on these matters. I think he's been to a few tea parties already. Young Frida is going to help dolly Frida hold the handle.
Other no no's are do not let your spoon hit the sides of your cup at any time when swirling the sugar or cream. And do not sip your spoon at any time. Most teas are served at a table but teas can also be a standing affair just like Frida's party here.
This sweet painting titled, "Windowsill Three Tea" is up for you on ebay now. Just a click away. Loaded with the deep rich colors!



Anonymous said...

Can I come to tea? Looks fun!
Another beautiful painting!

Candylei said...

That would be great!