Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Friendly Westie Painting Snow White

..........................4x4-inch original oil ...............

You do remember our westie doggy boy, Sir Salty, who has been a foot warming pal lately? Usually he runs ahead of us when we are outside, but when we had 1 1/2 feet of soft snow he walked behind us for a change. Every step we would take he would bump into us...body language for "go faster pal."

When we are inside he is right at our feet. In other words if we jump up and move we bump into him. Do you think he learned the bumping into someone trait from us? I had never thought of that possibility before today.

Our white westie looked like rich cream compared to the pristine blue-white snow. Now that the snow has melted he looks pristine white again outside. In fact, snow white. Thus the title of this new painting. The moss green is permanently in my subconscious. We have this LARGE, beautiful flower clay urn always on the table. Right now it has white pointsettas in it. It is permanent by the flowers and foliage plants rotate from large leaved hostas, anthiriums, shrubs (yes, it's a great place to display them before I plant them) and other living plants.

The design theory for small rooms is use large objects to make it cozy and seem larger. (Irony in design; don't you think? But it works!) Our urn is not quite the size of the table, but it is, yes, large.

You can see the oil paints came out to play. I believe my head, sinus and ear woes are gone so it's safe to use oils. For sale now on ebay.

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