Friday, January 1, 2010

Daily Painting Hats Mrs. Rabbit and Mrs. Snowman Altered Folk Art

Hats off to 2010! Happy New Year! What do alot of people do on New Year's Day...go shopping. We did. All art supplies and some food treats. We had to walk off the sweet holiday food from the last two weeks. I think we'll be walking for along time yet.

This is Mrs. Rabbit and Mrs. Snowman in the painting above. If you've ever wondered what Mrs. Snowman's wife looked like here she is. What do they do when the weather warms a bit? They leave, too, and go shopping...for hats. We had a spiff of snow yesterday and I got the background colors from outside. The coats are soft and muted colors so that their faces shine out above them. For sale now on ebay.


Anonymous said...

Love the rabbit, how cute!



Candylei said...

Thank you. Mrs. Snowman has some make up on so her complexion is not as white as rabbits!