Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Altered Art Mermaid Princess Mixed Media Painting

It's funny how our daily life works it's way into our paintings sometimes obvious and other times it's more subtle. We have had trouble with our water. No running water. The pump died...Now you would know the pump is underground. We carried buckets of water for the sheep which we used to do simply with a hose. We carried water for indoors. It's was an adventure the first day but very quickly lost it's fun-ness.
Yesterday the plumbers came and undid the well cap and pulled out a stainless steel cylinder (the pump) and also feet and feet of yellow electric cords. Like 280 feet of cords...our well is a deep one...but no good if we can't get the water out. Two hours later the plumbers triumphed and we had fresh running water again!
I have never seen such beautiful water! Woohoo. It was like music to our ears and eyes and everything else. We tend to forget how convenient everything is until we don't have it. We were giddy! And that, my friend, is how this daily painting came about today!
It is for sale on ebay.


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