Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Frida Kahlo Folk Art Horse Painting

Sometimes people will say, "Do you ever do a painting without a white dog in it?" Yes, and here is proof. I finished this painting this morning and it is up for sale on ebay. I'm also starting to sell some prints on etsy if you want to check them out for yourself or for gifts.

I used to have a black horse when I was in 4th grade, called "Blacky." Very original, I know. I do miss her snorts and putting her head back to my leg to make sure it was still me in the saddle. Then there is that horsey smell that is kind of an acquired liking. Our neighbors have 13 horses in the field next to us so I hear the whinies and the snorts often.

About this painting: It is of Frida's Black Mare named, "Raven". I love the horses legs. I felt like I was paintng my very own on the front of the horse. Well, okay. Almost. Raven knows where the flowers are still blooming for Frida to wear in her hair. Frida tucks them in Raven's mane, too. A woman loves flowers, you know. I also tried to paint my own cowboy (cowgirl) boots. Why are they still called cowboy boots?

Come back and again and see more "Raven" horse paintings!

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