Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Well Westie Dog Vet Check up Today

Our westie boy, Sir Salty had his scheduled yearly check-up today. Doesn't he look sad above? As soon as we pulled into the parking lot he began to get nervous, but at the same time he was very anxious to get out of the car. The combined flight or fight syndrome. Plowed right over me like I was a little bush. Couldn't get out fast enough! What had he missed since the last time he was here in October? Inside on the table he was still anxious but had stopped shaking.

While waiting for the doctor to come into the examining room he's beginning to think this place is not so bad after all and "ha-ha's" a bit for me. Sir Salty feels it is fun to be up on the counter...he never could do this at home! He starts enjoying it and even tries to make out what is in the cabinets behind him on his hind legs. I could read his mind, "Any treats hidden up here?"

The happiest westie dog ever when it's all said and done! Laughing even!

While at the vet's I saw a little rabbit getting prepped for surgery in the operating room under anesthesia. Sir Salty did not see because he isn't tall enough to see through the small glass window on the door.

I saw a small brown/black poodle walk by after getting groomed feeling so frisky and happy! A jump, a few shakes and lots of kisses!

I saw two fat resident cats literally run from person to person rubbing their legs and greeting each newcomer including us when we came and when we left.

I saw two girls on the phones answering callers questions about their pets.

I saw a very happy environment!

See Sir Salty it's not a bad place to be. Woof.

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