Monday, November 23, 2009

Wee Westie Face Painting

Wee westie is up for sale now on ebay. Link to paintings. This is a cropped picture showing a little of the brushwork. Speaking of brushwork...our westie has been needing alot of brushing out. He's not always on a lead when he's outside with us and he finds all the prickly stickers as he dives under bushes and jumps over some. He bounds over to us with them on his back and his stomach. But he is getting LOTS of exercise running. I think that makes for a very healthy, happy puppy! And it keeps him from running away with the odd plants and bulbs I am getting in the gardens.
I was just reading earlier today on a Canadian website where the author said, "Westie's are very clean dogs. They rarely need bathing." I never realized before how dry the Canadians humor is, but it made my day. The laughter just keeps bubbling out.

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