Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to Meet Almost Anyone-Stress free

Wow. I have the proven-inside answer on how to meet anyone. I took our westie, Sir Salty, with me to Lowes and put him in the cart and he was a magnet to people. I visited with everyone in the garden nursery. Not just any people, but talking, friendly people.

And I found out quite a bit about these friendly people. One nice lady came up and told me how well behaved my terrier was. I stood a little taller at that. She told me she couldn't bring her terriers out because they would be barking like crazy at everyone. That is one problem we don't have with our westie. She has two Norwich terriers and one wolfhound. "I have the big and the little," she said softly. Sir Salty was smiling the whole time listening right along with me except that I did not have my tongue out like he did.

One good thing about Lowe's and Home Depot is that there is a Pets Mart right by and quite a few people bring their dogs by to pick up supplies especially the outdoor gardening area. Sir Salty was a little hot so I put a large shade tree in the top of the cart for instant shade. One hand holding the tree and the other holding his leash.

The bottom line is get a westie and go out and people will walk right up to you and start visiting. I guess any puppy might work, but I have fun with a rascally westie.

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