Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pink and Lime Green Plant Combinations

Great color combinations by pairing the lime-green euphorbia flowers and the brilliant pink flowers of nemeisa. The annual nemeisa plants may be small, but the flowers cover almost every quarter inch of the plant. Euphorbia is an architectural plant, too. It stands above some of it's perennial peers, I think. I have a fondness for them.

Golden bleeding heart has the wonder of having the lime green leaves and pink, pink heart flowers. We can always look to nature for great color combinations. Plus the added bonus that it is an perennial and will reward you year after year. (Providing you don't have free range chickens scratching about it's roots.)

The lime green trellis is waiting for the roses and clematis colors growing alongside it to show themselves. I love this punchy green color especially against the dark green leaves. Wow. It definitely gives our eyes something to focus and rest on.

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Jasmine said...

I planted some cockscomb (celosia) and bells or ireland seeds with the thought of a pink and green bouquet one day.