Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Loaded Flower Baskets

If you like the sweet fragrance of nosegays you will love flower baskets. These were for sale at a friend's nursery. They don't dry out as fast as terracotta...they look great on a table top like a living, wafting bouquet. The closer to the nose the better. They also have a country cottage and a victorian feel. Two opposite poles come together in the form of flowers. Tea; anyone?

When the pansies start to fizzle in the heat of July simply remove and add something else with fragrance like lavender or the curry plant. Do you see the blown-glass green, toadstool in the one above. These also make great fairy gardens for kids of all ages. Use your imagination and have fun.

Baskets are inexpensive from craft stores. You could even give one away for a May Day gift. Surely you all celebrate May day by leaving fresh flowers on your neighbors porch?

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