Thursday, April 30, 2009

Westie, Sir Salty Gets Time Out

Our doggy boy now looks like he walked out of Gentlemen's Quarterly magazine. All polished, trimmed and not looking like our usual shaggy haired, beach-boy, doggy boy. It also looks like he lost 5 pounds instantly because of the summer trim. All of his curls are gone.

The day started out good. The day we have been in line and waiting for (waiting over one month for) came and we got him there as scheduled between 7:30 and 8:00 am. We were told by the vet's receptionist that he could be ready to pick up as early as 11:30am and they would call as soon as he was ready. Yes, yes. We had done this before. 11:30 came and then 11:45 and so on. I kept checking my phone. No calls. Is this phone working properly, I wondered?

It eventually rang and it was the groomer telling us that he was ready to be picked up. I looked at time, 2:00pm. Sir Salty had to have a time out for about an hour until he didn't care anymore what she did. (At this point after hearing about his little tantrum I was wishing the phone wasn't working.) But then she was able to clip him beautifully. Our groomer is one of the most diplomatic people I know and I think our normally calm, level, cool headed-dog tested her diplomacy and she passed beautifully while our westie boy failed in the manners department and had his time out. Our groomer was on our side most of the time.

Groomer: "You know it's a different environment and he is not used to us."
Me: "Right."
But then we got right down to business...
Groomer: "I could not let him win."
Me: "I am sorry."
Groomer: "You might ask the doctor to give you a sedative for him for his next grooming."
Me: "I am sorry."

Then I said I am sorry about five more times. I don't know the guidelines for saying I am sorry other than meaning it. I definitely meant it. When I went to get him out of the crate high above the other dogs he was the calmest, kissing-ist dog there. The girl gasped that I could pick him up, put him down and love him up without a sound from him, only kisses.

See, they must have had the wrong dog. Sigh. I guess we must go to dog obedience school where he learns to interact with other dogs and strangers, too, not just our family.

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great picture! i want to give him kisses!!