Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama White House Garden & Dog Keeper: Dale Haney

With the inaguration Of President Elect Obama less than 24 hours away the city is receiving lots of visitors and is bustling with excitement. Some locals wondering how they are going to navigate the city just to get to work if they don't have the day off. I did wonder who the gardeners are at the white house and what they might be doing different to prepare for their new guests.

Dale Haney has worked for the US Park Service for over 30 years and is the current head horticulturist at the White House... And to top off the cake with frosting he gets to take care of the dogs at the White House. He has nutured the Bush's, Clinton's and Ford's pets. He will miss Barney and looks forward to taking care of the Obama puppy (or puppies?)....When they get one. Soon we hope. Of all the enjoyable jobs you could have, I think I would absolutely love this one. It appears he does just that. A dream job

Mr. Haney has 5 gardeners under him and the White House has two garden tours a year. A spring garden tour and a fall garden tour. The White House With the changeover of administrations all of the gardening pages from the Bush's administration have been removed. We will watch for Obama's administration's garden entries.

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