Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President's Inauguration Lunch with Bouquets of Garden Roses

During President Obama's inaugural luncheon I could see the beautiful red floral bouquets on the tables. Not that I was there, no, but I was still jumping at the images when they showed the tables with flowers. Okay, I was looking hard, too, when they showed the painting of Yosemite. Did anyone who was watching ever look away? I did not see any flower arrangements outside in the bitter cold. No.

What I couldn't tell by watching afar is what red flowers were they composed of. At first I thought it was because we were teary-eyed by the unfolding of events and the graciousness of everyone together. Really the cameras were mainly zooming in on the many guests. If you go to Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies you will be awarded with a beautiful photo of the roses, yes, many different red roses.

Each bouquet was like a strolling through a garden and gathering a sampling of rich roses to add a heady fragrance to the room. Among them, Hot Majolica roses, Rouge Basier roses, Hot Lady roses, and Red Charlotte Roses...each lush bouquet held a few hydrangeas and light blue delphiniums. Sadly to report I don't have any of these roses in our gardens to tell you of my experience with them. Another reason to buy more roses at the garden center or order barerooted.

The flowers came from JLB Floral in Alexandria, Virginia. After the luncheon the flowers were donated to Walter Reed Hospital. Roses cheer everyone up...even me after I found out they were indeed red roses.


Peter said...

My wife absolutely loves your blog. She wants to e-mail you, or you can leave a comment on our blog.

We have a Westie and we love to garden.

Candylei said...

Thank you. I'm on my way to blog now.