Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bull Fish Park Avenue, Westies and Dogs

Bullfish is a lovely little doggy lovers boutique in Winter Park, Florida. (Orlando area) Winter Park is a great shopping district with restaurants to keep locals and tourists alike happy. I was thrilled with the Westie items, their large selection of dog fashions and the artsy items they sold.

Who can resist buying these fruity dog treats? Baked fresh.

A fuzzy and adorable westie doll. Behind the westie on the back wall of the shop they offer bottles of wine. At a pet shop you might ask? The novelty of all the wine labels with dogs on them are sold here. Just so fun to look at all of them and I was surprised at how many there were. The owners have it all at this boutique, for us to enjoy and to purchase. Customer service is outstanding many were on hand to help with customers. You can also stop by their website and read about the history of this whimsical haven.

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Rowena said...

Those doggie treats are calling our names! (Maddie and Mister B). Banana, PIZZA, apple, cheese....words to perk up ears and start those tails a-waggin'!