Saturday, December 13, 2008

More Gardening in San Diego

Sidewalk gardens around Starbucks makes you forget you are in the city.

A little Italian flavor and so beautiful. Hillside gardening is an art. The repetition of formal. I am eyeing our hillside a bit differently now.

I love how these were shaped. Soon these will reach all the way across. Patience is a gardener's friend. All my son could see is the boat for sale in the yard. Sorry it will not fit in our suitcase or above our seat on the airplane.

This courtyard garden is at the Balboa Park Visitors Center. At 27 degrees here at home this picture looks like a bit of heaven.

Watering. Us gardeners are always watering and daydreaming.

Policing the gardens and park at Balboa Park are these officers on horseback. They have large stables at the park where a number of horses are kept. These same horses also cover the historic Gas Lamp district. Gorgeous horses.

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Jasmine said...

Beautiful pictures!