Friday, December 12, 2008

Best Dog For Marketing Perfume--Westie (West Highland White Terrier)

Who can pass by these westies without stopping and reading the sign? This one I just walked into at the store...and the pink and blue bows? Our Sir Salty looks exactly like the one on the right. He has a longer winter coat now... and is curly and, in fact, curled up right now on the club chair. What a life.
We have been sick here at our house. It seems to be the domino effect running through our family and then running back through again just when we get to feeling better. I think we are over it all now. We must eat more fresh vegetables and fruit, less meat, more rest .... something like that.
Then there is Sir Salty who is going nonstop all day...falls over around 1opm to start over around 5am. He has only been to the vet once this past year for his well check up and goes again tomorrow for another "well" check up. So maybe the idea is to run, run, run...for better health? I have just purchased jogging shoes.

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