Monday, December 15, 2008

La Jolla California Sea Lions, Pelicans and Plants

La Jolla is a favorite spot for many. It's home to these sea lions, pelicans and reefs. They each claim different "rocks." The pelicans yawn and their beak opens over their head like they have a pink bag on it...then it quickly snaps shut again. They are amusing.

These are probably the only bodies on the beach without sunscreen. They get too warm and they lazily roll off of the rock and swim around til they're refreshed and back out on the rock to sunbathe again. They don't seem to have many worries.

On the other side of the wall is this little nook where two people had it to themselves.

I walked right over this plant and thought it looks like parsley. After I stepped on it's leaves I knew it was parsley. Such a great scent. See how dry it is where they aren't any sprinklers.

Large agaves are everywhere. This one is on the street where it gets a bit of irrigation.

This agave was on the beach. See the little baby agaves coming up. These folks are hardy.

Back up on the roads above the beach and it's a lush wonderland. This home was filled with travelers palms.
Up above these beaches are the many stores, restaurants and museums which attract visitors and locals alike.

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Rowena said...

Splashes of color and sunshine is just what I need on this day. Always thought that talk about winter blues was a bunch of hogwash, but after my recent return from the islands, I can see how all this drab can put a damper on things. Love the last pic! It reminds me of my cousin's backyard, replete with laundry line!