Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wholesale Prices on Fabric, Hawaiian and Tropical Prints!

From the outside this little store doesn't begin to show the treasures hidden inside. Walk into this little store and you will not be disappointed. It is bright with colors and patterns that cover the spectrum. Then the added joy of reading the prices! 2.99 a yard? Do I have sunstroke? Can that be right? Below is one side of the aisle that held poly/cotton.

This is the aisle with the 100% cottons all on rolls so there isn't a fold to iron out. The wholesale price is 4.99 a yard. Unbeatable. The store may be narrow, but it is deep and also has a second floor.
They also sell 100% cotton decorater fabric fabrics for curtains and upolstery, but we also use it for tablecloths and skirts! Those prices are 7.99 and I didn't get a picture of the back of the store where they are. (In moments of excitement all memories of carrying a camera are forgotten.) I noticed all of the clerks that work there were wearing aprons made from this vintage looking fabric.
Some rows were 6 or more rolls deep. So many choices. So little money. So beautiful.
Now if you can't go in person the next best thing is to buy it online. Their website is:
They have pictures of most of their fabrics that they sell. They also sell hula notions and some hawaiian quilted items.

I was thinking of Sir Salty and our kitty, Kenya back home. I will have to make our puppy a lava lava. That is similar to a Scottish kilt, but with Hawaiian fabric, not plaids.

Here is what they are doing at home. They are daring each other to cross the invisible line. Knowing that when Mom is not there they can make up their own rules of how to play ball...or rather tackle without a ball....whatever you call that game.


Rowena said...

Ahhh...the invisible line. And westies are wont to play that one, whether in good-natured fun or "Come any closer to the invisible line that separates my prosciutto bone from you and you're dead!" Maddie spent all day outside protecting her bone from the doxie. They're such tenacious little dogs!

MichelleandWinstontheWestie said...

How cute with Sir Salty and Kenya! Kenya looks just like my sister's cat- no joke, our animals could be twins or doubles! :)