Monday, September 8, 2008

Blue Ginger and Black Footed Penguins in Hawaii

Here are the cute penguins at the Hilton resort in Hawaii. If you go down at 8am in the morning you can watch them get fed and learn a little about them. Yes, they are tropical penguins from South Africa! I didn't know there were tropical penguins. I was feeling rather sorry for them, but we were told they are comfortable and they are used to warm tropical weather. Everyone present immediately felt relieved to hear this.

I love how they line up like school children and there isn't any fighting over the fish nor is there any chewing. Swallow. Swallow. Swallow.

We all got to touch this one. It felt like a newborn calf. It was raised in San Francisco by humans and now thinks it is a human. They call it imprinting. Also we learned that they are many different species of penguins and this group here picks a mate for life. If one dies usually the mate dies soon after.
We were told that these black footed penguins look exactly alike and they have to test their blood to find out if they are male or female.

The resort is 22 acres. You walk around a bend and then come upon a private pond like these flamigos above. I think this is a black swan, too. I should have paid more attention, but then I was spellbound by the tall towering gingers. Red torch ginger, pink ginger, shell ginger and blue ginger. I didn't see any white fragrant ginger there blooming. That is the fragrant one!

Some of the gingers were over my healthy. To hear a little slack key music you can go to their website: and take a virtual tour of sorts.

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