Friday, September 5, 2008

Local Food in Hawaii

I forget how lush everything is in Hawaii including the food. If you grew up or lived in Hawaii for any amount of time you would be familiar with Zippy's. This is what people order alot of...Saimin.

The pink and white is a fishcake and fresh green onions are sprinkled on top. Then there is char siu which is roast pork with chinese seasoning rubbed on all sides then roasted and sliced thin. Zippy's is open 24 hours in Waikiki and the next most popular item is their chili. Inside Zippy's they have a bakery to tease us and they have this Guava Cake, below, which is a favorite.

Guava is not only on the top but also is the cake batter. Delicious. Something you can't find in Maryland, but we can make similar guava cupcakes.
Even the birds here in Hawaii eat very tasty food. Below is one of the birds at the Hilton. I should say one of many, many birds. There are ducks, flamigos, penguins and birds from far away places. This parrot talks to you and it talks to the other birds, too. What personality.

Below is this parrot's breakfast! WOW! All fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.

It looks like it was taken right out of a food magazine, but I was right there to see it with my own eyes and interview this bird about it's cuisine.... It's answers were a bit irrelevant, but then so are the politicians and analysts these days.
Me: You are so beautiful.
Parrot: Pretty Bird
Me: Your food looks so good.
Parrot: Hello
Me: Do you like it here at the Hilton
Parrot: Fluffs it's feathers and squawk purrs.
Me: Hmm. What are you trying to say?
Parrot: Pretty Bird
Me: Yes
Parrot: Hello
Someone walks by and the parrot loudly says, Goodbye
I wonder what my westie doggy boy would think of a parrot friend? I can see why people like parrots they are fun and teachable.

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